About Us

The 5G & NB-IoT Innovation Lab promotes, articulates, manages, develops, negotiates and commercializes 5G technological innovation and development projects; in a global ecosystem of developers, start-ups, enterprises, academia, and government institutions generating technological, economic, healthcare and social impacts. In addition, it seeks to unify the ecosystem that covers all aspects of the 5G network, from IoT devices, Mobile and Web Applications, Cloud, Healthcare, and Agrotech devices; allowing it to contribute to the development of the society. At the same time, the Lab gives all stages developers access to open platforms, and markets to create, test, and deploy new use cases and innovations for 5G.

It also promotes educational programs in STEAM (Science, Technology, Art, Mathematics), which are designed for high school and college students. They promote free courses and aim to cover theoretical and practical aspects of the different disciplines that make up the areas of STEAM. It also seeks to inspire the interest of young people to study a career in science and technology, creating an ecosystem of innovation and competitiveness in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.

The 5G & NB-IoT aims to accelerate and develop new companies or StartUps with high growth potential. Also, create spaces for the exchange of technological knowledge, to enrich the learning process individually and organizationally. Not only bout also to manage and monitor the development of projects, to provide advice during the life cycle of the projects to ensure the success of the project and minimize the failure rate of the new businesses or Startups. At the same time they aim to continue in the search of new alliances with entities willing to support the initiatives being develop in the lab. In the same way to develop and support research initiatives in topics that involve the fourth industrial revolution. At last but not least, continue the task of expanding the topics of the educational programs.

Puerto Rico

The T-Mobile 5G Innovation NB-IoT Lab is based in Bayamon, Puerto Rico as a gate for the Caribbean and Latin America. Being on an island vulnerable to nature, we have as a goal to develop technology that will help us prepare better in the future. Our main focus is agriculture and urban development in the country. In this way we impact our society and thus we make our way to innovate the world.