AgroTech is a word derived from Agricultural Technology. Innovation in the industry is growing and impacting everyone in the world. This helps us to implement new solutions so as not to lose 40% of food that is wasted in the world for lack of information. Digitization is revolutionizing and you have to get the most out of it.


The GRONO project, developed by the NUISX team, consists of a robot that can collect the necessary soil data for the farmer. GRONO will take soil and ambient temperature data, soil pH, electric soil conductivity, and how much ultraviolet light the soil receives. Through Tmobile’s 5g network this data will be uploaded to a cloud and you can see through a dashboard. GRONO also has Lidar cameras so you can map the terrain. This way GRONO makes it easier for the farmer to know its soil and to take data from hostile soils that are difficult to access.


As part of our agrotech projects, we will install over 10 Farmbots in different schools in Puerto Rico for educational purposes on technology in agriculture. This will impact over 5,000 students.

The Future

Bayamon Agrotech Center

We will create an agricultural research and development center where we will apply technology in the crops for research and educational purposes. You will experience the use of technology in different types of planting such as vertical, agroponic, using Farmbot, indoor and normal planting.